Why Work At Goodwill? - Goodwill Industries of New Jersey and Philadelphia

Why Work At Goodwill?

Ready to join the workforce and have some fun while you’re at it? Well, look no further! Goodwill is on the hunt for dynamic and enthusiastic individuals to join our team as a Customer Service Representative, Processer Trainee, Donation Utility Associate Trainer, Barcoder and More. These are not just jobs, but opportunities for our employees to come together to empower each other and create pathways for long-term success and positive change in their communities.

  • Bi-Weekly and Monthly Bonus Incentives for Retail and Warehouse Production Positions provides employees with additional financial rewards for their hard work and productivity. Bonuses are typically given on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and are a way to motivate employees to work harder and achieve more

  • Career Growth and Promotion opportunities are available for employees who want to advance within Goodwill, increasing their job satisfaction and earning potential. This includes promotions to higher-level positions, additional responsibilities, and increased compensation.

  • Our Dynamic and Diverse Work Culture encourages different perspectives, ideas, and approaches, and is open to change and continuous improvement. It’s important to us to foster creativity and innovation within our organization

  • Education and Training Opportunities are offered to employees who want to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. Employees have access to training programs, educational resources and tuition reimbursement for employees and their family members.

  • Our Employee-Centered Personal Development Opportunities includes wellness programs, mentoring, employee assistance programs and many more. These programs are beneficial to our employees’ overall well-being and job satisfaction.

  • Employee Discounts are a way for us to show our appreciation for employees and encourage them to support our mission. Discounts are given on our company products and services.

  • Our Generous Paid Time Off and Benefits includes sick leave, vacation time, health insurance, and retirement benefits. These benefits help our employees manage work-life balance and support their overall well-being.

  • Life Assistance Programs are offered to employees who need guidance with various challenges and responsibilities that they may face outside of work. Employees have access to counseling services, financial planning resources, childcare assistance and more.

  • Mission-Driven Work gives our employees a sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes from working at Goodwill. This is beneficial for employees who are committed to making a positive impact in our community and are looking for a sense of meaning and purpose in their work.

  • Real Work-Life Balance includes flexible scheduling, time-off policies and more that are designed to help our employees maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction.

Why not join the team at Goodwill? Our organization values employee well-being and job satisfaction through a comprehensive package of benefits and incentives, while also being committed to our mission of helping people in our community achieve the Power of Work!

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit GoodwillNJ.org/Careers to apply.