Success Stories - Goodwill Industries of New Jersey and Philadelphia

At Goodwill, every donation changes lives. We use the proceeds from donated items to fund Goodwill’s job training programs and career services for individuals facing barriers to employment. Our goal is to end the need for charity by providing long-term solutions, not handouts. Thousands of success stories prove the difference we make, one life at a time.

Pam Frank

Being on disability and having a 21 year gap in employment history were tremendous hurdles, but Goodwill helped me conquer them. After completing Goodwill’s digital skills program, I have a job and independence.

Lance Phillips

I face numerous physical obstacles every day, including a long commute, but I very much enjoy what I do at Goodwill. Working on jobs for Comcast and Destination Maternity has increased my self-esteem, provided me with financial independence, and allowed me to forge many lasting friendships

Lauren Pelley

As a 34 year old mother of two, I thought it was too late for me to earn my high school diploma. That was until I discovered Goodwill’s Helms Academy. The staff helped me through this flexible, tuition free program with constant pep talks and words of wisdom.

Sean Cordasco

Success Story Spotlight

Sean Cordasco was referred to Goodwill by the NJ Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). After receiving a diagnostic vocational evaluation and job coaching services, Sean was hired as an extended employee at Goodwill’s Outsourcing & Production Fulfillment Center. Fast forward to today and Sean has spread his wings. He now works on his own in Goodwill Home Medical Equipment’s Warehouse where he refurbishes and sanitizes gently-used durable home medical equipment.

“I am thankful for this wonderful work opportunity and for helping get life changing home medical items into the hands of those who need them the most.”

-Sean Cordasco

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