75 Acts of Good - Goodwill Industries of New Jersey and Philadelphia

To celebrate its 75th anniversary,

Goodwill is recognizing 75 Acts of Good.  Since its founding in 1948, we’ve been spreading goodwill in the communities we serve through our job training and education outreach services.  Now, we are sharing positive stories about volunteerism, philanthropy and random acts of kindness by our employees.


Act of Good #1

After a morning donation drop at Goodwill’s Woodcrest Donation Center, a donor realized she had lost her wallet.  After retracing her steps for the day, she accepted the fact that her wallet was gone and notified the proper agencies.  To her great surprise, the donor received a call from a Goodwill employee named Richard C. at the Woodcrest site the next morning.  He had found her wallet and locked it in the safe for safe keeping.  According to the donor, “Richard proves that the world still has people who care about their work and customers they serve.  His exemplary work ethic and attention to detail allowed this story to end happily.  I am grateful to Richard for not only returning my wallet but for reinforcing that people still care about others.” 

Act of Good #2

In addition to serving as Goodwill’s Director of Industrial Services, Wes H. has been a Volunteer Coordinator for the Batsto Citizen Committee, Inc. for over a decade.  This non-profit organization supports the restoration and interpretation of Batsto Village, located in the Wharton State Forest in the heart of the Pine Barrens.  Wes’ deep involvement over the years has included organizing special events, writing articles to promote the Village and developing a new and improved user-friendly website for visitors to tap into. On any given weekend, Wes can be found dressed in traditional attire, providing tours and sharing his passion for the history of Batsto Village with visitors.  Thanks to his dedication, the historic village will live on for generations to come for people to visit and enjoy.  Wes’ commitment to Goodwill’s mission is just as strong.  He is a tremendous advocate for the clients with disabilities who work in Goodwill’s Contracts Services Department.  According to his colleagues, “his kindness to our clients is unmatched!”

Act of Good #3

Kim R., a Goodwill Employment Specialist for 18 years, is being recognized with an Act of Good for her kindness in helping our clients with disabilities be heard. Outside of her day job working directly with clients in Goodwill’s Contracts Division, Kim volunteers her time after hours and on the weekends to drive them to advocacy conferences to voice their ideas and concerns pertaining to self-advocacy. She had taken them to Trenton for ACCSES NJ events and to as far away as Washington D.C. Here, they were given the opportunity to speak to Congress and share how Goodwill’s sheltered workshop program has transformed their lives. Kim’s dedication to advocating for others is truly inspiring, and her commitment to empowering those faced with barriers is a testament to her kindness and selflessness. 

Act of Good #4

Mary C. is known as a Goodwill employee who “gives, gives, and gives!”  As Goodwill’s CDL-B Program Manager, Mary provides both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction to prepare participants to become licensed to drive school and commercial buses, limos and delivery truck.  Her goal is to ensure students both succeed and smile!  Mary supplies Goodwill’s Career Opportunity Center in Philadelphia (Parkside) with snacks and quick meals to ensure her students are well fed and hydrated so they can focus 100% on learning.  She delivers donuts to her family, friends, co-workers and students on her made up holiday, “Doughnut Day.”  And over the winter holidays, Mary, a 19 year veteran Goodwill employee, is known for the mouthwatering homemade candies she distributes.  According to her nominator, “It is a blessing just witnessing Mary’s true goodwill in action every day as she encourages, counsels and corrects students with such sincere zeal and compassion.” 

Act of Good #5

With 47 years of service at Goodwill, Alfonso has a passion for spreading goodwill both internally and externally.  He has been a devoted Deacon at Bright Memorial Disciples of Christ Church in Camden, NJ for two decades. He finds solace and inspiration in reading the Bible and actively participating in church events. Alfonso’s compassionate nature extends beyond his church as he frequently visits hospitals to offer patients comfort through meaningful conversations and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his neighbors.  Most recently, he assisted a coworker and a longtime friend in reconciling after being estranged for over two years.  His unwavering dedication to spreading positivity and kindness serves as an inspiration to us all.  And just as Goodwill turns 75 this year, Alfonso recently celebrated his 75th birthday!