Goodwill Goes To The Beach!


When I went to the Goodwill in Egg Harbor Township, NJ I found this beautiful lace dress but it was size XL.  I thought maybe it would look nice on me anyway if it draped attractively over my body, which it did.  Another problem was the gaping armholes so I knew that I needed a cami underneath.  Going through cami’s at the Goodwill is quite a job, but they have so many great ones and a lot of them are brand new.

I knew that I wanted one that had a little lace around the top to peak out of the neckline of the dress and of course I was able to find the perfect one.  I just love the Goodwill.  You can always find what you are looking for, or better yet, an unexpected treasure!

The sunset over the bay in Cape May was so beautiful that it inspired me to dance!

I was also able to rescue a horseshoe crab by turning her over so that she could go back to the sea.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Do you get creative with items you find at Goodwill? Let us know how in the comments!

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by Penelope Cake, Goodwill guest blogger

I shopped this complete outfit at the Goodwill store in Millville NJ.

The coat came first and it inspired me to go for a Chanel look.  After all, the 2015 NY fashion show begins this week and I have to be ready for the runway!

 The label says BB Dakota and the price was $6.99.
These similarly textured shorts ($2.99) were a perfect match for the coat and this lacy ivory T ($4.99) complimented both pieces perfectly.  But what about the bottom half of me?  I was feeling skeptical about completing the outfit when I found these shoes.
And like Cinderella, they fit me perfectly ($5.99).
I also found some pantyhose in a lovelyshade of beige for $.99.

I was feeling mighty fortunate with this treasure trove of fashionable separates and headed for the cash register to check out when lo and behold, a black patent leather bag with gold chains ($6.99) was staring me right in the face!

Who ever thought that I would be able to put together a couture Chanel look for less than $30.00?
Thank you, Goodwill!
See you again soon.

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Welcome to Goodwill Mondays!

by Penelope Cake, Goodwill guest blogger

In partnership with Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia I will be visiting (and of course shopping!) at many different Goodwill stores, putting together outfits, and posting them on the ALL THINGS GOODWILL blog.

The style for today is casual hip.  Everything I am wearing (except the jewelry) was purchased at the Goodwill store in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, 6701 Black Horse Pike.
I like to wear a variety of styles.  It’s more creative and definitely more fun.  I don’t like being limited to one look.  I try to dress for the occasion and how I am feeling – what personality suits me today?
what style suits me_PC
I never thought that I would go for the commercially distressed blue jean style, but here I am.  I just couldn’t resist these pants and they fit me perfectly!
PC jeans and sneakers
Then I found the sneakers which are just right with the rolled up cuffs.

But its definitely the red belt that makes the outfit, don’t you think? I topped it off with this necklace that I made out of children’s plastic charms several years ago. I used to wear it when I was a teacher – of course the kids loved it. (Yes, the lunchbox does open and it has a thermos and an apple inside!)

As I was shopping my look, I met this stylish woman, Diane Wenzel, who happened to be sporting the same casual hip style in shades of red and navy blue. We had a lovely conversation about style and thrift store shopping.  I love the way her red shoes and vest pop when juxtaposed against her plaid flannel shirt and maroon top. And by the way, red and navy blue is a very hot color combination in current fashion trends this season and you don’t have to buy it off the runway.  Shop at your local Goodwill store instead, its good for everyone!

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