by Penelope Cake, Goodwill guest blogger



OK.  So it may seem to my Goodwill audience that I have become obsessed with designer clothes, but if you look at the other posts on my blog, you will see how really eclectic my style is.  However, when I found this faux Pucci at the Goodwill in Hammonton, NJ I couldn’t resist doing another runway inspired entry.  The dress on the left is the authentic Emilio Pucci, last seen HERE for $1944. The dress on the right is labeled “Intermission” and I bought it for $8.99.

The Goodwill wins again and I strike a Pucci pose!
One of the best things about shopping at the Goodwill is coming home with all my newly found treasures and then accessorizing them with items that I already have in my wardrobe. These vintage gloves were another thrift store purchase that I hand embroidered.  The graphic design seems to compliment the Pucci style perfectly.

You can also read this article on my blog too at penelopecakefashion.blogspot.com/.

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