Welcome to Goodwill Mondays!

by Penelope Cake, Goodwill guest blogger

In partnership with Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia I will be visiting (and of course shopping!) at many different Goodwill stores, putting together outfits, and posting them on the ALL THINGS GOODWILL blog.

The style for today is casual hip.  Everything I am wearing (except the jewelry) was purchased at the Goodwill store in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, 6701 Black Horse Pike.
I like to wear a variety of styles.  It’s more creative and definitely more fun.  I don’t like being limited to one look.  I try to dress for the occasion and how I am feeling – what personality suits me today?
what style suits me_PC
I never thought that I would go for the commercially distressed blue jean style, but here I am.  I just couldn’t resist these pants and they fit me perfectly!
PC jeans and sneakers
Then I found the sneakers which are just right with the rolled up cuffs.

But its definitely the red belt that makes the outfit, don’t you think? I topped it off with this necklace that I made out of children’s plastic charms several years ago. I used to wear it when I was a teacher – of course the kids loved it. (Yes, the lunchbox does open and it has a thermos and an apple inside!)

As I was shopping my look, I met this stylish woman, Diane Wenzel, who happened to be sporting the same casual hip style in shades of red and navy blue. We had a lovely conversation about style and thrift store shopping.  I love the way her red shoes and vest pop when juxtaposed against her plaid flannel shirt and maroon top. And by the way, red and navy blue is a very hot color combination in current fashion trends this season and you don’t have to buy it off the runway.  Shop at your local Goodwill store instead, its good for everyone!

You can also read this article on my blog too at penelopecakefashion.blogspot.com/.

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